As a trained chef I’m serious about food safety. That said, I work from a small kitchen so there is always a risk of cross contamination of allergens. I will happily supply you with a list of allergens for each meal, but if you suffer allergies, I suggest you play it safe, and don’t eat anything. Which would be weird.

Some meals will have bones – please don’t choke on them.

I will not be in chef whites during dinners. No woman looks good in chef whites.


I am not licensed to sell you alcohol.

You may bring any form of alcohol you wish and I will ensure it is kept safe. I will also provide you with a complimentary drink upon arrival.

I’m all up for folly but please bear in mind Tentacle Room is in a residential premise and as such we have to play nice. For this reason dinners will have a clear end time, and anyone that becomes inappropriately unruly for whatever reason will be asked to leave (appropriately unruly is OK).

If you think because I’m female, and not that large, that I can’t be scary… you are very very wrong.

If you trip, fall, or hurt yourself I’m not liable. Actually I’m not liable for anything other than the extraordinariness of the guests.


Payment is taken at the time you make a booking. You can’t pay cash on the night. Seriously, who has cash these days?

If you have booked a dinner but later realise you can’t attend, a refund is at my discretion only.

If you can’t make it and you happen to be so rich you don’t care about getting a refund, please tell me. Don’t NOT show up. It’s Tentacle Room. There needs to be 8 guests or the whole metaphor doesn’t work…and of course it affects the night for others. 


Membership is free and members are under no obligation to book dinners.

All members have equal opportunity to book dinners, that said some dinners may have additional qualifying factors e.g. you must be scared of spiders, believe in zombies etc.

If at any point you no longer wish to be a member, contact me and I will ensure you’re removed from the mailing list. 

Membership may be revoked if I feel you aren’t the right fit, do not reliably turn up on time, get annoyingly intoxicated etc.

Dinners will be communicated via email. As such, if you agree to being a member you agree to being added to the membership mailing list. 

If a dinner is sold out and you are DESPERATE to attend, let me know. You can go on a waiting list in case of cancellations, or I may put on a second dinner.

Photos or video may be taken of you during dinners. Not may, that will definitely happen. You agree to allow me to post these for marketing purposes. I promise they will be flattering but if you don’t like any images you’re allowed to say so. That doesn’t mean I’ll do anything about it but I will genuinely be sympathetic.


Your privacy is important to me. Not just in a “what happens at Tentacle Room, stays in Tentacle Room” kind of way, but in a legal way as well.

Here’s how your personal data is used:

When you submit a membership request I use your data (i.e. your witty answers to my silly questions) to decide whether you’ll be a good fit for Tentacle Room. 

If you are, I’ll send you an email saying so, add your name and email address to the MailChimp mailing list, and I then delete the email. If you’re not, I’ll simply delete your email. Harsh but true. 

Your email address is used to send you notifications of new dinners that have been scheduled. At any time you can opt out and leave the mailing list. I’ll try not to take it personally.

If you come along to a dinner, I will use your email address to email you any instructions, and during the night I may for marketing purposes take photos of your lovely face and post them on Instagram or Facebook. I also keep those photos in a library for future marketing usage. I don’t post embarrassing photos, I don’t tag names, and photos can be removed/deleted upon request. 

Now, what you decide to reveal about yourself during dinners is totally your call.