What time do the dinners start?
Dinners will generally start at 7pm and finish at 10.30pm. Yes, sadly, all good things must come to an end.

Is this a supper club? Or a private members’ club?
I prefer to think of it as a private dining room. 
Tentacle Room was created because I liked the idea of eating with a small group of interesting people, but equally I hated small talk. I wanted more than just an incredible meal, I also wanted confronting conversations and unique experiences.

How do I know what dinners are coming up?
Members receive an email each time a new dinner is scheduled.


Is there a membership fee?

Can I bring friends / guests to the dinners?
Yes. You can purchase multiple tickets, however please ensure your guests “fit” the theme of the event. 

Can I get a refund if I’ve booked and then realise I can’t make it?
Maybe. It depends on how much notice you give me, how easily I can replace you, how sad I am about you not coming etc.

What if I find another member annoying?
Having a mix of extraordinary personalities is all part of the fun. But if you don’t like to take your chances, you can book a private event.

How do the private events work?
Maybe you have a group of up to eight friends and want to do something different one night. Maybe you’re part of a leadership team that wants a more unusual and bolder way to face their professional challenges and get out of their comfort zone? Get in touch, set a date, make the booking, I’ll plan the menu and theme, you bring the booze. 


How much are the dinners?
Can you put a price on extraordinary company? Of course you can, everything has a price. The cost of the dinners vary on the menu and level of intrigue but generally start from £40 pp (welcome drink, four courses).

How much are private dinners?
If you simply want your own group at one of my themed events, the price is the cost of eight tickets. If you want a customised theme, it will be slightly higher depending on how intriguing and creative you want the night to be. 


What kind of food am I served?
I studied at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school and have worked in high-end restaurants such as Marcus Wareing’s 2 Michelin-star restaurant at The Berkeley Hotel and Clove Club’s new restaurant Luca. The food will be lovely.

Will you cater to dietary requirements?
Sometimes. Maybe. If you have a serious allergy or you are vegetarian, check with me first. If you are just fussy, then I’ll weigh that up with how much I want you at the table.

Do you sell alcohol?
No. Bring your own, you lush.


Why is it called Tentacle Room?
1. An octopus has 8 legs, each dinner fits 8 guests
2. Octopuses are intelligent, curious, capable of problem solving
3. Like tentacles, guests and the conversation will intertwine (metaphorically, not physically)
4. There is a big-ass tentacle drawn on my wall. That’s the real reason.

What’s the venue like?
Interior Designer Emma Rees was brought on to create Tentacle Room. I wanted a space that by day was a minimal apartment, by night was an intimate dining room for extraordinary diners.

What is the location?
A very nondescript, seemingly ordinary complex in E3.